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Sydney Public Transport

Cash is accepted for tickets at vending machines at most ferry and rail services. Tickets are not sold on busses between 07:00 and 19:00 Monday - Friday when travel starts in the city, and some other busses are pre-pay only always (typically routes starting with "M").

When available, "single trip" cash fares are significantly more expensive than Opal Card (around double). You can purchase an Opal Card as all public transport services within Sydney will accept these and they can be topped up online or in person. This system is in the form of a pre-paid, electronic badge that is used to 'tap on' and 'tap off' each mode of transport.

Opal Cards are available for purchase at the airport, major train stations, many convenience stores, news agencies etc. Most rail and ferry stops have vending machines which allow you to top-up existing cards using cash or credit card. You cannot top-up your card on busses. Some stores add a surcharge for purchasing or topping up Opal with credit cards. You can only top-up adult cards in increments of $10.

There is a weekly cap applied to the card of $61.60, travel after that amount is free. There is also a daily cap of $2.60 on Sundays, and $15.40 on other days. Different caps do not apply to trips to and from the Domestic and International Airport Train Stations, and an extra surcharge applies. Please check the website and use the fare calculator -

For the duration of the conference, busses (1L1) replace light rail (L1) between Central and The Star. Expect significant delays and congestion on this service. Regular light rail services (L1) operate as normal between Convention and Dulwich Hill -- and will require a charge to the bus to go further than Convention. There is prominent signage at all impacted stations.

Sydney Busses often run early or very late, so use the live tracking information. This is available in Google Maps and other apps (TfNSW also publish GTFS-rt data). has further information on public transport options, including a trip planner.

To and from the airport


The Domestic and International airport terminals are serviced by trains direct to the city. If you are travelling from the airport to the venue (UTS), or nearby, you will be coming from either International or Domestic Airport terminals and going to Central train station.

A timetable of train services can be found here: Airport Line Timetable

  • For directions from Domestic to UTS - see here.
  • For directions from International to UTS - see here.

Like most Sydney trains, this is a double-decker train with no luggage racks. There is normally only a small area for seating at platform level. Spread out towards other parts of the platform, further from the stairs and lifts, in order to get a seat. When taking a train on the Airport Line towards Central, the lifts are located near the front of the train.

Public bus

The 400 bus operates from outside the International terminal, and QANTAS Domestic terminal. Catch the service towards Bondi Junction. This can drop you off at Coward St near Mascot Station, which is 200 metres from Mascot station.

This is $14.15 cheaper than catching the train directly from the airport railway stations when using Opal Card.

Neither the bus nor the train have luggage racks. There is a choice of using lift or escalators at Mascot station.


Taxis are available and there are stands at the airport and throughout the city. Taxi's can be expensive, especially at night times or over long distances.

Ride Sharing

GoCatch, Taxify and Uber are available ride sharing platforms in Sydney. We do not have Lyft.

Meeting up with others

If you wish to meet up with other delegates at the airport then ensure that you list your flight on the Airport arrivals and departures page. If you have 3 or more attendees in a group, it may cheaper and easier to get a taxi or ride-share to your hotel or the venue.

Between the Accommodation and the Venue

The following buses got along Parramatta Rd between the Between the Free Space Glebe and Sydney Spaces and the venue:

  • 412 is the best, goes down Missenden Rd where the accommodation is
  • 436, 438, 439, 440, 461, 483
  • M10 is Opal card only 7am-7pm, Monday to Friday, No cash

Getting around Sydney

Walking, or public transport are your best options. Sydney is not a large city to walk around, though it does have hills. If you leave the greater CBD area, then definitely use public transport.

Trains do stop between the hours of 00:30 and 05:00 every day, and run on reduced timetables during the weekends and on public holidays. Night buses are available, but also run on reduced timetables. Taxis and ride sharing run 24x7, but also charge extra during evenings and night-time.

The Friday of the conference (2018-01-26) is a public holiday (Australia Day). There are normally many events and protests on in the city and around the harbour, and public transport services will run on a different timetable to regular Fridays.

Cycling - There are 3 or 4 bike sharing schemes around Sydney CBD, and quite a few cycle routes and separated bike paths (map), but unfortunately the cycling and showering facilities at UTS are only for students + staff, and Sydney drivers do not have a reputation for welcoming people on bikes onto the road...

Parking around the venue

Parking in Sydney is available, but at a cost, and most metropolitan areas in Australia can charge quite a lot for parking your car in or around the city. Unless you are prepared to pay this cost, we recommend leaving the car at home and taking public transport where possible.